03.23.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

In a bit of a surprise at the NFL owners’ meeting, the league just announced that it has changed its policy for conducting overtime in the event of tie games. Peter King just blew an extra whip into his latte.

The new rule, which will be in effect for the NFL’s postseason only, allows the team that loses the coin flip at the start of overtime to have a possession unless a touchdown is scored — either offensively or defensively — on the first possession. –

The change, referred to as “modified sudden death,” required 24 of the 32 owners’ votes to be approved. Had the vote been split down the middle at 16-16, Roger Goodell would have flipped a coin, and whoever won the coin toss would get to have their choice of overtime format. I’m a big fan of the “duck duck goose” OT rules, myself. It goes a lot faster than the “Monopoly” OT rules. Jesus, that game takes forever. Thanks to Brandon, who prefers the “pulling out” OT format. Hey, who doesn’t?

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