Fav-re: Stay Retired, Or Else [VIDEO]

08.19.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

I tend to stay away from the will-he-won’t-he clusterf**k that is a Brett Favre story in August, but this is just way too delicious to pass up. Sir Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A, red-blooded American sports fan that he is, has had it just about up to here (/points to groin) with the shenanigans of he who stars in Peter King’s wet dreams. That’s why, when Favre said he would be retiring on August 3rd, Colbert made a very strong argument for why things should should stay that way.

Since everyone has become so serious about the return of Brett Favre with endless speculation and analysis, it is always welcome when someone can find the humor in all of this.

And who better than Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, who in an earlier show threatened to wound the quarterback if he ever returned. –USA Today

I realize that Stephen may be somewhat of a polarizing figure politically. That being said, I’m sure we can all agree that, regardless of political beliefs, we have common enemies: hipsters, Al-Qaeda, and Brett Favre. Video magic comes after the jump.

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