Cole Beasley’s Wife Had Some Vulgar Words For Twitter Critics After A Muffed Punt

10.26.15 3 years ago 11 Comments

Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s contest at MetLife Stadium, Cole Beasley’s muffed punt cost the Dallas Cowboys a chance a game-tying drive against the New York Giants. The mistake effectively handed the G-Men a big divisional win, and Cowboys fans were understandably upset.

Not surprisingly, a lot of those fans vented and took out their frustrations on Twitter, some even tweeting directly at Beasley to criticize him for the costly play. At first, Beasley took the high road, apologizing to fans for letting them — and his team — down.

But a woman who claims to be Beasley’s wife (and signs certainly point to that being true) took a far more aggressive (and vulgar) approach to responding to the criticism of her husband. Her counter-punches are NFSW, as this one has quite the potty mouth on her.


Barstool Chicago/Twitter

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