01.12.07 11 years ago 2 Comments

If Ryan Howard and the tortured souls of Philadelphia aren't enough to make you like the Phillies, then how about this: Cole Hamels, the young starter with enormous potential on whom the Phillies are counting to be the second coming of Cy Young, just got married… to the blonde in that thar picture.

Hamels, 23, and Survivor contestant-turned-Drexel student Heidi Strobel, 28, got married New Year's Eve in Springfield, Mo., near her hometown. Among guests were her Survivor cohort Jenna Morasca.

Well, it was certainly nice of Heidi to invite Jenna to the wedding, considering, you know, they posed naked in Playboy together. That's the kind of lifelong bond you just can't break. Carefully insinuated lipstick lesbianism runs deeper than blood, my friends.

Anyway, nice pull for Hamels. He probably wanked it to Strobel before he ever met her, which is pretty much all I want out of my future ex-wife. Even if he's cashing in his chips a little bit early, he's still walking away a winner. I wonder how many times Rick Ankiel walked away from hot girlfriends because he thought he'd get someone better when he became a huge star.

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