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As soccer WAGs go, Coleen McLoughlin (fiancee of Manchester United/England striker Wayne Rooney) doesn't get much attention here on With Leather, and I'll be straight with you: it's because she's not as hot as Abbey Clancey or Cheryl Cole.  But while Rooney and Man U were losing to Chelsea this past weekend, Coleen and a group of friends were sunning and clubbing in Miami.  And not Miami, Ohio.

With a week packed with fun and frolics well underway the 22-year-old revealed yet another skimpy bikini as she stripped off by the pool to top-up her tan. The pampered hens spent a busy day lounging in the sun and floating about on lilos with a generous helping of wine to ensure the party goes with a swing.

I once spent an entire day doing the same thing.  Except I had the day off because I was unemployed, and I was outside because I'd gotten evicted.  And I was drinking cooking wine.  And I was hanging out with actual hens at a farm.  Still, pretty similar, right?


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