Dying Meme Watch: 'Kaepernicking' Is A Thing Now, Because Of Course It Is

When San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh opted to stick with Colin Kaepernick as his starting quarterback even after a concussed Alex Smith had been cleared to play, a lot of Niner fans were pissed off. Smith, of course, was vocal about his discontent with being benched, saying something like, “All I did to lose my job was get a concussion and not look like a young Gregory Hines.” Again, that’s not verbatim.

But the fun of being an NFL fan is that you can be as pissed off as you want one day, and then completely change your mind the next. Now that Kaepernick has led the 49ers to a convincing, dominating playoff win over the Green Bay Packers – in which he set the single game NFL rushing record for a QB – it’s all “Alex who?” in the Bay Area, because San Fran fans love them some Kaepernick right now.

Of course, as we’ve learned in the past, when we have an exciting young QB winning games, he’s bound to be followed by a trademark meme, and wouldn’t you know, Kaepernicking is apparently a thing now. There is no God.

Several 49ers fans have posted pictures of themselves in the act at home, in bars, on the street, at work or just about any other place they frequent. Some even positioned their toddlers or dogs in the position. Others made online videos.

Kaepernicking started weeks ago after the quarterback replaced Alex Smith, though the act has increased during San Francisco’s run to the NFC title game against Atlanta. Kaepernick has often retweeted other fans’ pictures of the act on Twitter. (Via Sporting News)

I don’t follow Kaepernick on Twitter, so I didn’t know this meme actually existed until now (he also only has one “Kaepernicking” photo posted, so maybe he deleted the aforementioned RTs). Hell, I live with a 49ers fans and I still had no clue. But sure enough, Kaepernicking is very alive and very unoriginal, and people are really trying to make it happen, and as long as the 49ers keep winning, you can bet that people with cameras will keep kissing their muscles and Tweeting at Kaepernick because they want “a RT 4 ur bigest fan LOL k thx”.

My apologies if I sound too negative about this, but I’m still bitter that Staffording never became a thing.

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