Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer Says The QB Isn’t Playing Because The NFL Is ‘Kowtowing To The President’

01.31.19 7 months ago

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Colin Kaepernick has not taken a snap in the NFL in two seasons, as the former 49ers quarterback has found himself unable to get a job despite an obvious skill set (that seems to only fit better as the NFL continues to adapt to mobile, strong-armed quarterbacks).

While the league insists Kaepernick has been jobless for two seasons because he’s just not good enough, most believe he’s been effectively blackballed from the NFL for leading the protests against police brutality and racial inequality by kneeling during the national anthem. During his pre-Super Bowl press conference, commissioner Roger Goodell doubled down (quintupled down?) on the league’s stance that he’s not playing for football reasons.

On Thursday, Kaepernick’s lawyer Mark Geragos went on Today and explained why he believes the collusion case Kaepernick has brought against the league will be proven, thanks to signings like Mark Sanchez, and how the issue isn’t just the league but that the NFL is “kowtowing” to Donald Trump.

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