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March Madness resumes tonight as the NCAA Tournament comes off its weekday hiatus with four games tonight. The best games tonight will be UConn facing Purdue (7:07 ET tip) and Duke playing Villa-no-fun in the late slot. So I’ll miss two games tonight on TV no matter what…so I was here at the bar getting drunk all afternoon for nothing?

COED Magazine put together a solid Sweet Sixteen cheerleader gallery for all the matchups tonight and tomorrow night (sorry, pervs, all of the photo subjects are over 16). And if you actually want to see the games not in your area (most likely Xavier-Pittsburgh and Missouri-Memphis), there’s always your computer. Nerd.

And apparently there’s some uproar about whether this towel boy from UConn was housing this Nate Miles fellow and giving him cars or whores or whatever. The former student manager was actually a registered agent, I guess. I’m shocked, shocked that any player representative would work in such an underhanded way. But that doesn’t explain why this story is the only thing anyone can talk about today.

From The Dagger:

Naturally, [coach Jim] Calhoun was asked to respond to the charges outlined by Dan Wetzel and Adrian Wojnarowski in the story. This was his oh-so-hilarious response:

It was a newspaper story that … it wasn’t a newspaper, I’m sorry. It was a blog story that appeared, I guess, in something I probably can’t get a hold of, which is Yahoo! And very simply my comments are what I said.

Whoa, that quote within a blockquote is the only thing that could make this story interesting to me. Okay, a news outlet on the web broke some story. UConn cheated. Great. I think I speak for all of us on this site when I say, Wake me up when we get to the boobs.”

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