College Baseball Rain Delay Jousting

With Leather has already started reporting about Alison Brie, so we’ll continue the gradual change into Warming Glow with a little “Game of Thrones.” Watch in rapture (or mild enjoyment, depending on how old you are) as Radford University and High Point entertain themselves during a rain delay by literally jousting. Not that American Gladiators pugil stick on a platform thing, I’m talking “ride a horse toward someone and try to stab them to the ground” jousting. I’m just sad that neither team had a horse mascot to make it official. I’m pretty sure Radford’s mascot is Chong from “Up in Smoke.”

There are two great ways to tell that this happened with college players.

1) Nobody rushed out to fine and suspend them, and
2) The guy who lost the joust got up laughing and was fine, and didn’t have to go on the DL for another six months because his body is held together by congealed IV fluids.

Now that we’re jousting, we need to organize some San Diego Chicken fights.

[H/T No Guts No Glory]