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Listen, I know I don't give enough love to college basketball. It's one of my faults, like being so humble despite my good looks. So I hope this post can hold you NCAA hoops fans over until the conference tourneys start, because that's when I can actually work up the ability to pay attention.

Anyway, it would be kind of criminal to not mention that Texas and Oklahoma State played a hell of a game last night. It was almost Fiesta Bowlesque: A falling-out-of-bounds baseball-toss three-pointer, three overtimes, and a game-winning three at the end of it all. Kevin Durant is doing his part to overshadow Greg Oden's freshman year, and OSU's Mario Boggan may have outplayed Durant last night. You can read the full recap and watch highlights at some sports conglomerate's webpage here. Oh, and I guess that I should mention that the Cowboys won, 105-103.

As the Fanhaus's Nathan Fowler wrote,

This was college basketball at it's [sic] best, a reminder of why cold winter nights in the middle of the week can be some of the best sporting days of the year.

Of course, that's complete bullshit. Cold winter nights in the middle of the week are never the best sporting days of the year. But I like the sentiment, and this game was worthy of it.

UPDATE: Peter Schrager writes, "how do you mention ok state and texas and NOT mention that HORRIBLE camera work by espn 2…felt like we were sitting in the worst seat in the house all evening. Thanks for ruining it, espn." What's he talking about? People getting in the way of the camera just make you feel like you're there in the stands, man.

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