Here Are The 15 College Football Games Fans Won’t Forget From This Season

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11.30.15 3 Comments
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We did it. We finally made it. The regular season is behind us, and conference championships are right in front of us. It’s easy to move on, to focus on the glitter and shininess of the coaching silly season and the Playoff. But we haven’t even put the regular season in the ground yet. It deserves a bit of reflection.

Of the 128 FBS football teams, all but 32 are sitting at home these next two weeks. A bunch of those remaining teams will get the chance to play in a bowl game, so their season isn’t entirely over. That’s the honeymoon after the wedding, though. It’s fun. It’s great. And it’s well deserved. But it isn’t what we should be focused on. The journey matters. And it’s important to take a little time to look back on that journey for everyone.

This isn’t quite enough. I know that. It’s just a taste. I implore you to go back through and make your own list of moments you loved from this year’s season. Before we know it, we will be looking ahead to next year, and leaving this season behind. I’m going to want a souvenir, even if it’s just a silly little list.

Here were my 15 favorite games of the 2015 regular season.

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