A College Football Announcer Had No Idea What Happened During This Missed Field Goal Call

The early college football slate on Saturday wasn’t exactly great, but there were some matchups that were worth watching. Clemson was on! Georgia and Penn State were, too! And over in Norman, Oklahoma got Iowa State’s annual “let’s give them hell, put the fear of God into them, and get an inexplicable win” game, which is always a blast.

All of this is a very long-winded way of saying there is next to no chance that you spent any time watching Eastern Michigan take on Toledo. It’s a head-to-head matchup of two MAC teams that aren’t especially great, so unless you went to either school, it was not on your Saturday afternoon radar.

This didn’t just apply to people sitting at home, this was the case for one of the dudes calling the game for CBS Sports Network. Paul Frianco lined up for a 50-yard field goal in the first quarter, which he badly missed. But according to former NFL kicker Jay Feely, it barely made it through the uprights, even though his partner, Ben Holden, said he missed.

“Off the crossbar, he just barely had enough but he knocked it through, Ben,” Feely claimed. “That’s a big kick for Paul Fircano. Eastern Michigan answers, 3-3.”

So to be clear, Feely thought this barely went through because it went off the crossbar.

Like we said earlier, there were some really great teams playing during the early college football slate this week. Even though he was on the call for another game, Feely seemed like he was paying attention to something else on television.