Find Out What College Football Team Your State Hates The Most With This Map

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Reddit compiled nearly 5,000 votes for this college football hate map and the results are simultaneously expected and surprising.

Washington hates Oregon and Oregon hates Washington. Ohio hates Michigan and Michigan hates Ohio State. New Jersey hates Penn State and Pennsylvania hates Penn State, because there are few things easier to hate than Penn State.

Those are the obvious ones. What is happening in other parts of the countries are more of a mystery.

• California hates USC? Up until a minute ago, they were the closest thing you had to a professional football team. If you don’t like a team going to bowl games every year, wait until you get a few years of Jeff Fisher and the Rams going 8-8 like clockwork.

• Las Vegas hates Alabama? According to Vegas Insider, the Tide went 8-7 against the spread last season. Does that garner hate? Or is it because that coward Nick Saban has been ducking UNLV for years?

• Vermont hates Alabama? New Hampshire hates Auburn? Penn State is so much closer and so much more hatable though. Alabama is sprinkled through the map because of all the winning…but Auburn? Is this a Cam Newton thing? Probably.

The complete results are here.

(Via Reddit)

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