Meet Corbin Grassman, The New King Of College Football Long Snapper Trick Shots

Tyler Grassman, a SUNY Buffalo punter, tweeted this video of his long snapper and cousin, Corbin Grassman, showing off his accuracy. And it’s pretty impressive.

According to Corbin’s bio on the team’s website, he has started every game since he was a true freshman. Another interesting note on his bio is that while Corbin was in high school in Alexandria, Ohio, he actually played as his team’s star linebacker, not long snapper. During his junior year of high school he broke the school’s record for total tackles, too. His bio page also notes that the Buffalo Bulls haven’t had a punt blocked since Corbin has been the long snapper.

Corbin has two years of eligibility still remaining, so hopefully we’ll get to see what else he can do. Also kudos to his teammate for remaining so calm as a football was hurled a mere inches from his face.

(Via Bleacher Report)