The College Football Playoff Committee Says It’s Still ‘Way Too Soon’ To Consider Expansion

01.07.19 6 months ago

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As Alabama gets set to take on Clemson in the College Football Playoff championship game one thing is for certain, these are the two best teams in the land. This season has proven to everybody that Clemson and Alabama were just stronger and better than the entire country. It’s rare to have the top two teams be so clearly better, but it does happen sometimes. Sometimes, a few years in a row.

It also could be the best example there is to avoid expanding the College Football Playoff. For now at least. The championship game might be about those two teams (again and again), but no one can pretend this isn’t going to be one of the most strongly debated discussion points leading into, during, and after the game is played. Who actually wins doesn’t matter as much as the matchup for the title is right.

It’s about if teams like Ohio State, UCF, and Georgia deserved a shot to prove that they should be playing in this game. With the Big 10 being left out of the playoff for the third year in a row, the Pac-12 missing out this season, and UCF going undefeated two years in a row it felt like there was a lot of momentum for change. Could expansion finally be on the way?

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