The Internet Loves The Super Ripped Ref Working The National Championship Game

College football will determine its national champion on Monday night, as Alabama and Clemson are squaring off in Tampa. Early on in the contest, no one spent any time talking about the game itself.

That’s because everyone on the internet was mystified by Mike Defee, who has a pair of arms that are chiseled out of marble. If you’re wondering what position Defee plays, you’re wasting your time, because he does not suit up for the Crimson Tide or the Tigers.

Instead, Defee is a referee who usually works Big XII matchips. He’s in charge of officiating this game, and while he’s doing that, people on Twitter are talking about his biceps.

Of course, since he is a football ref who looks like he hasn’t missed a trip to the gym in decades, there was only one logical comparison: NFL ref and noted weightlifting enthusiast Ed Hochuli.

This game should be unforgettable. The two teams involved are easily better than anyone else in college football, so odds are we’re going to have a classic. But even if the game ends up being lame for some reason, at least we’ll all remember tonight as the night that we all fell in love with college football’s jacked official.