The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Are Charlie Strong And Texas About To Part Ways?

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10.12.16 2 Comments

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After this week, we’re halfway through the college football season. (Well, everyone except for Army and Navy anyway.) Does it seem like it? That’s rhetorical. Of course it doesn’t seem like it. This season is moving as fast as any other, and only a few teams have a clear path left to the College Football Playoff. Which isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of intrigue left – many teams can still have big years, and big decisions to make.

One such team is Texas. Stuck in another year in which expectations aren’t matching reality, Charlie Strong is on the proverbial hot seat. He’s coaching for his job, and after a loss in the Red River Rivalry, things aren’t looking good. So we brought on a guy who knows a little something about the state of Texas (and lots of other things), Joel Anderson from Buzzfeed.

We discussed;

  • Joel’s trip to Ghana, and how travel can affect our writing and our outlook long after the trip is over
  • Where Texas stands as a program
  • Why Charlie Strong doesn’t seem like a good fit
  • Is there a ‘perfect’ coach for Texas in 2016?
  • Charlie Strong’s next destination if he and the Longhorns part ways
  • Sandwiches
  • More sandwiches
  • And more sandwiches
  • Business venture ideas

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