The ‘It Me College Football’ Podcast, Week 16: Inventing The Next Great Christmas Movie

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it me bowl time


Bowl Season is upon us, and while for many this means the promise of gifts wrapped under the tree, stockings stuffed with candy and gift cards, and lots and lots of egg nog, it also is the time where we really (and I mean really) struggle to write about anything related to college football.

The minor bowls are fine, and we enjoy them just as much as the big bowls, but people aren’t here for that unless they’re diehards (do you get it, because Die Hard is a Christmas movie). Sure, we’ll give you reasons to watch them, but that’ll come later. For now, we’re bringing in Steven Godfrey of SB Nation to discuss everything except bowl games.

Godfrey is a terrific reporter and has a knack for getting details other people either can’t or won’t take the time to find. So naturally a bit of discussion about that comes up.

As does some of these topics:

  • How the nature of “sportswriter” has changed and it’s for the best even though it’s hard sometimes to be adaptable
  • Lots of good talk about the movie Event Horizon, like way too much
  • That thing where coaches just don’t know pop culture after they start coaching
  • What fans really want out of the people who cover the sport
  • Pro Wrestling Story Time
  • Inventing the next great Christmas movie (spoiler alert: it is a comic-book movie)

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