College Football Power Rankings, Week 1: All Hail Bama (But Not The Rest Of The SEC)

09.06.16 2 years ago

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One of the many great things about the new College Football Playoff is that with more teams having a shot at playing for the national championship, more teams are willing to schedule tough games early in the season. While that means the entertainment factors obviously increase, it also means there are plenty of chances for pundits (like me!) to look super dumb.

After week one of 2016, the biggest way in which we all look dumb is the annual showering of praise upon the SEC. Long regarded as far and away the top to bottom best conference in the land, the AP Top 25 contained six SEC teams among its roster. But even the teams not ranked are regularly lauded as tough outs — good teams playing in a conference that’s head and shoulders above most others.

LSU deserves credit for opening on the road against a strong team, but the issues of last year don’t appear to have been solved in the offseason. Until LSU has a QB capable of scaring teams out of stacking the box, the Tigers aren’t going to be competing for the conference, let alone the National Championship. They’re one of the big losers (out of the Power Rankings entirely) after Week 1. But they’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove us wrong over the next few weeks and climb back into our good graces.

While opening week saw a few of the media’s SEC darlings wilt under the spotlight against previously unranked opponents, the standard bearer of the conference reasserted its dominance with as comprehensive a victory against a Top 20 team as you’ll ever see. All hail Alabama, these are the POWER RANKINGS!

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