College Football Power Rankings Week 10: Michigan Takes Control, And Alabama Is Human

11.08.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Election day, folks! Before you get started reading, go vote! Seriously!

[waits patiently]

[checks twitter]

[looks at watch]

Ok, all set? Great. Now, it’s no real hot take to say that this election has been one of the most vitriolic in history, certainly of this young century. You may be reading this in your office next to someone you hate with every bit of your being because of who they voted for, knowing that if you open your mouth you won’t be able to contain yourself. The next thing you know, you’re in HR and the office admin is packing up your desk.

So we here at the Power Rankings decided to give you something else to argue about! You ready?


Ok, yeah, they’re still pretty good. But an LSU team with no quarterback and an interim coach gave them the best test of the year so far in last weekend’s marquee game, losing only 10-0 to the Crimson Tide. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put the Wolverines of Michigan up at the number one spot this week. So save your job, your sanity, and your friends, and go ahead and discuss these Power Rankings, and how terribly inaccurate they are. Feel free to throw a few personal insults about me in there too, if you’d like. If it keeps this country together through this most tumultuous of days, it’s worth it.

As for the rest of the rankings? Well, not a lot changed. That’ll happen when eight of the previous week’s top-10 win their games, most of them in a dominating fashion. Joining us this week for the first time is Washington State, and the USC Trojans have also snuck back in. We said so long to West Virginia and good riddance to Baylor.

The second edition of the College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight as well, though there’s only about four people in the country that will be watching the selection show this week and Jim Harbaugh isn’t letting any of them leave until they can explain why Michigan still isn’t number one. Fear not, Jim, you’re number one in our book this week, these are the POWER RANKINGS!

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