College Football Power Rankings, Week 5: Clemson Is Now Watching The Throne

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People argued for years that college football didn’t need a playoff system because “the regular season is essentially a playoff.” Most of these people were paid to say that, of course, paid by ridiculous bowls that thought they wouldn’t exist if the Playoff arrived. But what everyone else always knew was that even if you have a Playoff, it’s not going to let everybody in, so elimination games will still be played across America all fall. This weekend, Clemson-Louisville was one such game and it lived up to its billing and then some.

We don’t want to knock your win, Michigan, trust us: We believe in Wisconsin and recognize that was a tough game. But if we can, we’d like to pull a Kanye and say that while your fistfight with the Badgers was impressive in its own Big Ten way, Clemson’s was the most impressive of the weekend.

Another de facto elimination game? Friday night’s Pac-12 showdown between Washington and Stanford, which unfortunately did not live up to its billing. Washington stomped the heck out of Stanford and we’re now all living in a world in which the Huskies, not the Ducks, nor the Cardinal, nor the Trojans, are the kings of the West coast.

As far as the Power Rankings go? So long, Florida State, it’s been fun and all but if we’re being honest, come November we probably won’t even admit to people we ever had you in the Top 5. It’s not you, it’s me. Well, more specifically, my inability to respect someone that can’t hold onto a lead for the last 25 seconds of a game. We’re also waving goodbye to Michigan State. Sparty, if you didn’t get the message via the end credits last week, we’re through too. And Arizona State? Lovely having you stop by, but thanks for leaving all the booze.

Welcome Clemson, you’ve been sniffing around the top all season long and now it’s your time to shine. This one’s for you, Crazy Eyed Tiger, these are the POWER RANKINGS.

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