College Football Power Rankings Week 8: The Ohio State Buckeyes Are Down, But Not Out

10.25.16 3 years ago

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It took until Week 8, but we’ve finally had our first shot of chaos into the national playoff picture. Thanks to an amazing performance in Happy Valley, the Ohio State Buckeyes took their first loss of the year at the hands of Penn State just a week after barely escaping Madison with a win.

We also saw the end of Houston, who tripped up against lil’ ol’ SMU. See ya later, Cougars, it’s been fun having you around.

Chaos is the God we pray to in college football, a God that will always find ways to remind us there’s no such thing as order in a sport with 128 teams fighting for just four spots. While we may have started looking ahead to November, trying to figure out how 11 unbeaten teams would sort themselves out in only four weeks, it’s good to remember that there are no free weeks for anybody.

So! October must rolls on with one more week to add some madness into the season, and with it, the Power Rankings. This week we say hello to Virginia Tech, LSU, Auburn, Navy, and San Diego State and so long to Iowa, USF, TCU, and Arkansas. Sorry Razorbacks, we hear Fayetteville is nice, but you’ve got to play a little better than that to stick around these parts.

Happy Halloween all! Your goal for this year is to make your costume even scarier than Leonard Fournette running at you at full speed.

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