College Football Power Rankings Week 9: Clemson Is Keeping Hope Alive

11.01.16 1 year ago 7 Comments

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Ah, Halloween weekend. The one weekend a year where acting like somebody we’re not is welcomed, and not just a terrified facade we’re putting up just to make it through the day.

For some teams, it was a chance to act like they belonged with the best, for at least a few hours (lookin’ at you, Virginia!). For others, it was a chance to show off their best asset and hope it would be enough — that’s you, FSU with Dalvin Cook.

We entered the weekend with nine undefeated teams but as always, football has a way of sorting itself out. Down went West Virginia, Baylor, Nebraska and Boise State, leaving just Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington and — hey, look at you, Western Michigan! — still standing. Boise State’s exit was especially cruel, coming in the form of a safety with just over a minute left against Wyoming:

The first Playoff rankings of the season come out Tuesday night, and so the jockeying has officially begun. Seems awfully nice and tidy right now, doesn’t it? Four undefeated teams from four of the five Power conferences, with the Big 12 having beaten itself out. Why, they could end the season right now and I think we’d all be pretty happy with our top four in a Playoff.

But that’s not the way it works folks. It’s the first day of November and there are still four more weeks of mayhem to go. Saddle up and ride, cowboys and girls, these are the POWER RANKINGS!

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