The Wild Story Behind The College Football Recruit Who May Not Be A Real Person

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05.24.17 2 Comments

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College football is the undisputed dumbest sport in the world. This is not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, the lunacy of college football is what makes it so fun. From the process of recruiting to the games themselves, no sport provides the consistent silliness of college football. It’s perfect in almost every way.

One of the sport’s more underrated lovable things is the fact that its super weird stories are absolutely batsh*t insane. When college football gets silly, it gets really silly in ways that you never totally considered before.

Take for instance the recruitment of a guy named Unique Brissett. According to his 247Sports page (which has since been deleted for reasons that will become obvious in a second), he is a lightly-regarded wide receiver prospect out of Globe Institute of Technology, a for-profit school in New York City.

Here is what happens when you try to access the webpage for the GIT football team.

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