‘You Are Looking Live’: All The College Football Games You Need To Watch In Week 12

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Stretch those sitting muscles and those remote clicking fingers because we have a couple weeks of must-see football left. It’s the home stretch, and you’re going to need every beverage, every chicken wing, and every bit of energy you have to make it through the rest of the regular season.

You’ll see folks telling you “where did the time go?” but we all know exactly where it went. It went into a few months of hope, failure, disappointment, expectations, surprises, fun, good, bad, noteworthy performances, mediocrity, and quotable moments. Which is to say it was a football season, and a football season just like a lot of the others. Enjoy it for it will be gone soon, and we’ll be starting to look ahead to next year, building teams up and forgetting about others and never remembering any of the lessons we should have learned along the way.

Here’s this week’s viewing guide. (As always, times are in Eastern.)

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Noon: North Carolina (-5) at Virginia Tech (ESPN)

It’s Frank Beamer’s final home game with the Hokies in what has been a storied and epic career. If you care even a little bit about college football history, it’s worth tuning into this one. Plus, that UNC offense has been putting up points in dizzying numbers lately, so watching Virginia Tech try to slow the Tar Heels down will be interesting, as well.

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