College Football Week 6 Picks: Low Totals Will Bring Plenty Of Sweats

10.05.18 7 months ago

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Hello, friends. I don’t really know what to tell you, we just can’t shake the bad beats (and admittedly some outright bad picks) right now, but we press on in Week 6 after another week just slipping a little further below .500.

If you’re here to fade me, you’ll probably enjoy this week’s picks. They aren’t the prettiest group and it’ll take an awful lot of intestinal fortitude to follow me into battle with, no joke, six Under picks for totals in the 40s. We’re here for sweats. We will undoubtedly miss at least one of these horribly, because that’s the way the season’s gone, and we will have an awful beat in here, but we want winners and low totals scare the public and I like being opposite the public.

We’re also opposite Alabama this week, because my principles continue to not allow me to let a conference road team lay five touchdowns. Again, it will be painful this week, but I believe we can begin the climb. Let’s take stock of this miserable campaign to this point, before we try to turn the page.

Last Week: 6-7
Full Season: 30-38

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