College Hockey Goaltender Doesn’t See Incredibly Long Shot Turn Into Goal

During a Michigan Tech-Denver college hockey game that I’m sure was the game of the night on ESPN, Denver freshman David Makowski was only trying to clear the puck out of his team’s zone but instead aimed it directly at the unaware Michigan Tech goaltender. The result was an estimated 190-foot shorthanded goal and a very embarrassed netminder. Watch the humiliation and unexpected joy for yourself after the jump.

Watching the clip, you can tell the cameraman for the broadcast definitely wasn’t the most aware individual during the game. While he should have at least followed the puck at a decent pace, he failed pretty miserably at it. Then again, who expects a puck to go into the net?

This video would be a perfect addition to the Sad Goalies tumblr that recently started. What a great time-waster. That really should be tumblr’s tagline.

Via NESN .