This Girl Makes Me Hate Golf So Much

For some unknown, ungodly reason, I play golf. I’m f*cking terrible and I’ll probably never be even remotely decent, but I keep going out on the weekends, wasting money and tripling my blood pressure because I fail to understand that the reason that I suck is because I SUCK. And then there’s a golfer like Oakland University junior Kassandra Komma, who probably does stuff like “practice” and “try hard” and she’s rewarded by hitting two holes-in-one in the same round.

While playing at the R&S Sharf Golf Course recently… hold on… S-H-A-R-F, okay it is Sharf, just making sure.

While playing at the R&S Sharf Golf Course recently, Komma invoked the spirit of the world’s greatest golfer all-time ever good times, Kim Jong-Il, and sank not one, but two aces.

I hate golf. I’m gonna go throw my clubs into a fire.

“I still can’t believe it, like, after I made the second hole in one I literally just … laid on the green. And I started tearing up and I was like, this is not even possible right now,” Komma said.

How did she do it?

“I kept my eye on the ball,” she joked. “No, I didn’t do anything different. I just swung the same as I ever did and I tried to get it as close to this pin as possible, as always. But I didn’t do anything different,” adding that she clearly got “really lucky.” (Via CBS Detroit)

The luckiest I’ve ever been during a round of golf was after I thought I’d lost all my balls, but then I found some range balls I’d pocketed in my bag. So congrats, Kassandra. Hopefully your friends believe you and don’t give you the “Sure, bro” routine like mine did that time I almost made a par.