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I haven’t seen an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” in years, and I’ve never heard of Grand View College before, but hey guess what?!?  A former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” now plays volleyball for Grand View College!

[Jaeda] Young has gone from supermodel to role model, though. The middle hitter from Parkersburg now wears a jersey instead of designer dresses. She spends her days attending classes at Grand View’s campus in northeast Des Moines, not planning for a Vogue or Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

Whoa.  No way.  Are you telling me that some of the girls who don’t win ANTM DON’T overcome those unfair judges to become successful models?  I have a hard time believing that someone as successful as a reality show contestant would end up at a small college in Iowa.

(thanks to Tim was Tim for the story; video of Jaeda after the jump)

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