College’s First Competitive Eating Team?

11.29.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

A team of competitive eaters at the University of Maryland has achieved club status with that school, securing an undetermined amount of funding for what might be the first collegiate team in competitive eating. Just keep in mind that money ruins everything, at least it will until people start eating money competitively.

Though actual collegiate eating contests are still a long way off, Major League Eating president George Shea views the formation of the Maryland club as a validation of his sport.

“Finally, we’ve scaled the ivy-colored walls of academia,” he told AOL News. “In the dark past, there was stigma related to this sport. For me to see it come full circle is really a triumph.”

–Ben Mussing/AOL News.

These other schools need to get on the stick; I’m ready for TCU to get screwed over in the first competitive eating BCS rankings. And then we can talk about how all of the Big Ten schools eat easy foods all the time but none of the southern schools will travel north to eat with them. Wow, Joey Chestnut must be spinning in his grave right now. Oh, he’s still alive? That’s even worse, actually.

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