Colombian Women Love Pole Dancing

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06.01.11 3 Comments

Call me crazy, but when I hear the country Colombia mentioned in the same sentence with “viral” I get a bit nervous and start stocking my plague shelter, but thankfully this just refers to marketing. Women from across Colombia took to the streets of Medellin this week to promote the inaugural Miss Pole Dance Colombia competition, which will take place on July 30. I can only hope that this enthusiasm marks the beginning of two months of non-stop daily pole dancing in the streets of Colombia. Someone needs to set the right global example.
Much like the pole dancers that we’ve previously showcased here on With Boner Leather, these Colombian women are promoting the activity as a form of exercise that can help women get in shape and feel great about themselves while building their sexual confidence. I may have added that last part just to keep everyone’s attention. And it’s not even all about physical fitness, it’s about science, too.

“The hardest part in urban pole dancing is finding a structure with a good caliber,” Tsai said. “Usually, dancing poles have a diameter of 1.75 to two inches. Apart from the caliber, the material in street structures can make the job harder. Dancing poles are made from stainless steel or brass, which facilitates the friction you need to have between your skin and the surface.” (AOL Weird News)

It also helps if the women measure the poles from the floor and not just the base because some people have a differing opinion on actual pole length and I think that we should discuss this before we start laughing at people and making them feel like they have a small pole, OK?

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