This Poor Colorado Trainer Took A Helmet To The Face From A Michigan Defender

09.17.16 2 years ago

Life comes at you fast on the sidelines of a college football game.

This poor Colorado trainer was just out there trying to do his job: tend to the left leg of Colorado quarterback Sefo Luifau. But there was a football game still happening at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, and when you’re that close to the action you gotta keep your head on the proverbial swivel.

Everyone else knows that linebacker Jabrill Peppers is coming. Junior Buffaloes linemen Jeromy Irwin is smart enough to get out of the way. Another member of the coaching staff is actually smiling as Peppers approaches, then majestically twists out of the way like a bullfighter gracefully sidestepping the oncoming freight train of destruction charging his way.

But the trainer is hard at work, earning his keep, unaware of what’s coming for him until it’s too late. Maybe he heard someone call out to warn him. Maybe he felt the barometric pressure change around him, the sudden chill of terror in the air. Whatever it is, he’s now aware of his impending doom. It’s almost worse that he turned around just in time to get clobbered.

Only his hat remained. Can trainers administer treatment to themselves? What’s the protocol here? Someone make sure this man is OK.

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