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Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy almost cost his team a shot at the national title…with an incomplete pass. Just before the Longhorns kicked a last-second field goal, McCoy threw a high-arching pass out of bounds as time–or so everyone thought, expired.

McCoy says he thought the clock stopped on a pass out of bounds as soon as it crossed the first-down marker. Had he known the rule, he says, he wouldn’t have floated a long and high pass over the bench area that didn’t touch down until it appeared to hit a railing near the stands.

After McCoy’s pass, the clock hit :00 and the Cornhuskers began to celebrate. But one second was put back on after officials looked at a replay, enough time for Texas to kick the winning field goal. –the monolith.

McCoy didn’t even know that that was in the rulebook. And I only bring this up because Texas might be the worst No. 2 to ever make the national title game since Oklahoma in 2003 to play for the BCS title. Here’s hoping that McCoy throws one more incomplete, and that Nebraska juggernaut Ndamukong Suh–and not McCoy–walks out with the first-ever Heisman Trophy won by an exclusively defensive player.

Skip to the 3:00 mark for the exciting conclusion.

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