Colts KR Ain’t Above Washing Your Dishes For Food

06.02.10 8 years ago

I guess when you’re a former 7th round pick it’s not a bad idea to save a few bucks by volunteering to wash a few plates when you find out the dishwasher quit. This is the story of Colts KR TJ Rushing, who’s decision to wash dishes for an hour was well worth the 10 free meals he was offered.

Heck, if you do the math he probably made over $100 dollars for that hour which coincidentally is how much I will charge for my blog services once I become world famous. You’d have to be an idiot to turn that offer down. And TJ Rushing (friend him on facebook!) ain’t one, because he was educated at Stanford. Cardinal pride

I’d like to see a couple walk into the restaurant completely unaware that TJ Rushing’s the man in the apron scrubbing pans. “The dishwasher’s giving out autographs?! You were right, this place is classy!”

Somebody needs to seek out this restaurant’s manager so I can get some kind of performance review. I’m a big proponent of “Looks Clean Is Clean.” One can only hope that clean dishes are still en vogue at these joints.

TJ Rushing’s Twitter page

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