Columnist: Mike Mayock Doesn’t Care About Black People

02.17.11 8 years ago 24 Comments

Mike Mayock of NFL Network is being accused of racism…kinda sorta. As quoted by one of the Tweeters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mayock said, “Cam Newton is an unbeleivable athlete,” but that “you have to have the football IQ to make it work.” Fanhouse columnist David C. Steele did not take Mayock’s assessment lightly. Oh, and I should probably mention that Steele is black (and Mayock is not), otherwise this will make even less sense.

It never stops. Unless Mayock can give us conclusive proof, on air, about Newton’s “football IQ,” he should be fired. It’s 2011. I’m tired of this sh:t.

–via @David_C_Steele.

That’s tremendous reverse race-baiting, David, but I have some bad news. The reason Mayock has a job with NFL Network (and you don’t) is because of his ability to offer opinions on crap that nobody can really prove or disprove. And he didn’t reportedly say CAM NEWTON DOES NOT HAVE A HIGH FOOTBALL IQ so much as suggest that quarterbacks need more than athleticism to win in the NFL (See: Young, Vince).

And since when is Cam Newton above reproach? Oh, he won a national title. Yeah, so did Craig Krenzel. It stands to reason that Mayock was simply offering a judgement call about a one-year starting quarterback with documented character issues playing in a prolific offensive system. Or, he just loves objectively evaluating black NFL prospects, all of which he despises based solely on color. Makes perfect sense to me!

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