So It's Come To This: The Kalamazoo Growlers Are Wearing Jerseys Made Entirely Out Of Selfies

In a story that will make everyone over the age of 25 flip a table in anger, the Kalamazoo Growlers of the collegiate summer baseball Northwoods League will be wearing a SALUTE TO SELFIES jersey during a game in July. If you heard that description and thought, “what is that, a jersey covered in selfies,” BINGO, welcome to Hell.


The team will collect selfies through April 1. Once the submission period ends, the Growlers will build a unique mosaic-style jersey assembled entirely from the selfies entered in the promotion. The fan that exhibits the most “Growlers spirit” will receive a featured and prominent location on all jerseys.

Here’s the artist’s rendering:

If that’s not bad enough, the Northwoods League website features the addition of the only thing on the Internet worse than duckfaced selfies: a “Keep Calm” meme.

Here’s how to play:


– Take your Selfie!
– Like the Growlers
– Facebook page here by clicking the link Find and Click “Share Photo”
– Choose your Selfie
– Use the hashtag #SalutetoSelfie


– Take your Selfie!
– Follow the Growlers on Twitter by clicking the link
– Add a new tweet/photo and select your best selfie, then tag @kzoogrowlers AND use the hashtag #SalutetoSelfie


– Follow the Growlers Instagram by clicking the link
– Click choose or take a photo
– Take or select your Selfie!
– Select “Tag People” and tag the kzoogrowlers and use the hashtag #SalutetoSelfie
– You can also share your Instagram selfie on Twitter and Facebook as well. Make sure to tag @kzoogrowlers and use the hashtag #SalutetoSelfie

Additional Rules

– Turn on your phone
– Use Maps to guide you to the nearest bridge
– Take your Selfie!
– Throw yourself from the bridge
– Do not submit your Selfie to the Growlers

h/t Sports Logos