Come On, Japan Has Suffered Enough

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.19.11 5 Comments

I think the video works best completely out of context. What you’re witnessing is a game of (according to YouTube) “[Boutaoshi] doing,” a game involving pulling a pole down. It takes the concepts of rugby, “Red Rover” and “King of the Hill” and sort of shoves it all together until the field looks like an ultimate mash-up of post-World Series celebration and Mutant League Football. And I think one of the teams is wearing panda helmets. Are those teams? I think there are like six teams.

Translation of the video’s title: “Defensive large stick pushing down intense fighting!” I think that explains a lot more about the game than Boutaoshi Doing. We should start naming other sports like that. Call basketball “Team-based sphere lobbing pretending to fall down when nobody touched you super contest.” Try it for yourself. The best Boutaoshi Doing-style name posted in our comments section wins a prize.

(Note: The prize is me bumrushing you in a panda helmet and hitting you with a telephone pole.)

[via Buzzfeed]

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