Come On, Seahawks. Don’t Be That Team.

Well, it was bound to happen.

That’s Dave “Softy” Mahler of Sportsradio 950 AM in Seattle reporting what my brother, a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, told me in a frantic text last night, that unemployed human disaster Terrell Owens is heading to Seattle for a tryout or workout or cup of coffee. I’m not sure, the Tweet is pretty vague.

Thankfully, sports writer, attorney, and guy who doesn’t know sh*t about MMA, Mike Florio, was able to confirm that Owens is indeed trying out for the Seahawks. Apparently the Seahawks cut Antonio Bryant, and that left them with Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Braylon Edwards, Deon Butler, Ben Obamanu, and 6 other wide receivers, not including tight ends Zach Miller and Kellen Winslow, and that’s clearly not enough receiver depth.

Damn it, Seattle. We were so close to a world without T.O.