Come See The Amazing Zhou Lulu, China’s World Record Weight Lifter

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11.14.11 10 Comments

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the World Weightlifting Championships were held yesterday in Paris, France, and when I think of freakishly strong people showing amazing feats of strength, I think of Paris, France. But easy jokes at the French’s expense be damned, because this event was about one weight lifter’s incredible personal achievement. That person is China’s Zhou Lulu and that achievement is breaking a world record for aggregate lifts to win the super heavyweight world title.
Lulu (above) lifted 146 kilograms in the snatch (hehehehe) and 182 in the clean and jerk (hehehehehehe) for a combined effort of 328 kg. The previous record of 327 kg was set in April at the European championships. I guess I should probably mention that Lulu is a woman, because the whole thing confused me quite a bit this morning.
What’s that, guys? You want to see more of Lulu and her competition at this year’s World Weightlifting Championships in the women’s super heavyweight division? Well, look no further, because these ladies are ready to put on a show.
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