Never Have A Lackluster Tailgate Party Again

Dallas Cowboys Fans
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Technically, football is a game played by modern day gladiators whose actions captivate, but beyond that, it’s primarily an excuse. An excuse to hang out with your friends and share a toast to the God of backup quarterbacks and straight field goals. An excuse to eat copious amounts of grilled meats with your hands. And an excuse to rock your extravagantly priced throwback jersey/sauce bib and a comfortable, durable pair of DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans that won’t bind up or restrict you as you walk around the game. Because, man, your actual sweatpants have holes in dangerous places, and everyone is afraid to tell you that your cut-offs are too short for both your backyard and the parking lot outside the stadium. Everyone, that is, besides me.

Here’s the thing, though: The pregame festivities can be the best part of game day or the worst without regard to the results on the field. That’s why we want you to follow these tailgate tips.

Standing (Comfortably) In Solidarity

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Whether you’re getting up to cheer, flipping a steak on the grill, or grabbing someone a beer because you’re such an amiable host, you’re going to be up and down all day. Which is good, because while linemen have an excuse to pack on the pounds over the course of the season, your sympathy weight-gain excuse isn’t going to fly, and there’s no such thing as letting out a jersey, only letting out that sliver of belly that stands between the edge of your shirt and the start of your jeans. My point? Again, be comfortable and be sure you’ve got a pair of jeans on that aren’t going to split on you.

Be Loud And Proud

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Fans in Seattle are the loudest force in the NFL, and it gives the Seahawks a serious advantage come kickoff. We’re talking about Richter Scale ranked levels of loudness. But you can’t just walk into the stadium and expect to turn up the volume at a moment’s notice. There’s a process and the party starts all the way in the parking lot, one of the few places in life where it’s perfectly acceptable to get loud. Don’t just holler inaudibly to get pumped up, though. Google some voice exercises or shout lines from “Pride and Prejudice” with your friends while standing over some bratwurst. Or you could just cry and howl loudly to stretch your vocal chords out. If it’s going to be that kind of season, let it out, big man.

Being Everyone’s Best Friends Might Get You Some Eats

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Stadium food prices are extortionary, so if you’re not above mooching for food, then put on your friendliest face and go make friends with your fellow tailgaters. I’m sure they won’t think twice about sharing some free hot dogs and burgers in exchange for some high fives and good laughs. Not beer, though. Freeloader.

Be Ready To Grill

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Competition on game day starts way before kickoff, and you’re gonna be parked next to people who take tailgating so seriously that they make additions to their cars just for tailgating purposes – think built-in bars, coolers and grills. Are you that serious about winning on Sundays? Think it over and remember that he or she who controls the tailgate party determines who gets the big piece of meat and what brand of beer is in the cooler. So, I mean, do you really need to use your trunk for anything other than being a smoker? Also, DO NOT use your trunk as a smoker.

Be Better Than Beer

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Tailgate parties and beer go hand-in-hand, but why not offer a few other options? Some boxed wine, a sampling of exotic nips with gold flakes in some of them? Be the variety guy. Just don’t be the “SHOTS!” every time Tom Brady completes a pass with a properly inflated football guy. Remember, your DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans are to be worn on your legs, not your head.

Know When To Call It A Night

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Depending on what time kickoff is, a tailgate party can be an all day event, or it might last for a precious few hours before the game and a couple after. Like any party, it’s on you to know when its time to call it a night and go home so you can watch SportsCenter or play Madden (it’s called an addiction; find a pamphlet or Facebook group). Post-game traffic can take out your legs while you’re heading to daylight, though. So if you want to avoid pulling out into a sea of stalled cars on the highway, maybe pack your crap early and be ready to get out of Dodge. Not too early, though. At a certain point, you cross a line when you start knocking hamburgers out of people’s mouths so you can get to packing because the visiting team just took the opening kickoff back to the house. Remember, you’re tailgating to have fun. Be comfortable, and recite lines from classic literature. Don’t count calories or seconds, only touchdowns.

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