12.12.06 12 years ago

That didn't last long: the NBA is getting rid of the microfiber ball and going back to the old leather balls when the New Year begins. (Heh: old, leather balls. I'm in seventh grade.)

"They had no idea that there would be such a firestorm of issues," the source said. "Because the players had so many problems with their hands and concerns about holding on to the ball, it made much more sense to return to the ball, I would assume there is some regret for not checking with the players in the first place."

Uh, yeah. Predictably, the NBA blogosphere is all abuzz about this, so you can go to pretty much any blog and get a fresh take on this colossal misstep by David Stern at places like the mighty mjd and The Basketball Jones podcast.

And I call "first" on this joke: Stern' hasn't done something this misguided since he grew the mustache. Someone alert Bill Simmons.

(Note: YAYsports! NBA — originator of the "Orange Roundie" idea — is sadly undergoing a server switch and site reconstruction until December 18th. Hurry back, good sir. We need your take on this.)

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