Try Not To Get Sick Watching A Competitive Eater Devour Wings And Steak In Record Numbers

Super Bowl weekend is often an excuse for people across the United States to eat copious amounts of unhealthy food. With that said, the great majority of that consumption is for simple pleasure and indulgence. On Friday, though, competitive eater Molly Schuyler – who you may remember for housing five pounds of bacon in five minutes and two 72 ounce steaks in 15 minutes – put on a show that could not possibly be described as anything short of impressive and kind of disturbing.

Schuyler plowed through 95 chicken wings to win the top prize at Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl 25, outlasting a competitor named Bill Simmons (no, not that Bill Simmons) who ate 91 in his own right over the five-minute competition. While no one would question the sheer absurdity of being able to eat that much in one sitting, Schuyler wasn’t remotely done. In fact, she set another record moments later when taking on a 5.5-pound platter of steak and putting it down in less than four minutes.

The video of Schuyler housing the steak is … something.

While the chicken wing effort apparently did not qualify as a world record, the steak feat reportedly did and, given that it wasn’t even done on an empty stomach, one would struggle to find the words to describe the achievement. Molly Schuyler might be an unlikely hero but a hero she is nonetheless, and any competitive eater would have to marvel at what she was able to do on Friday. In the same breath, it is difficult to watch and no one would blame you if you felt a little sick after watching this.