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I always thought that if you vacation in Greece, you can pretty much have any kind of sex anywhere you want.  That's the whole point of vacationing in Greece, right?  Alas, Greek laws about public blowjob competitions are surprising Puritanical

Nine British women were facing prostitution charges after being arrested at the weekend for taking part in an oral sex competition in the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, police said on Monday.  Six British and six Greek men, including two bar owners, were also charged in the incident…

The women, who came to the popular resort on holiday, had been paid to take part in the competition, which was video recorded and was to be posted on the Internet, police said.  The men were charged with encouraging obscene behavior.

This story is woefully short on details.  Sure, I learned that British chicks on holiday are cool, but where are the details of the competition?  How were they going to determine the winner?  Some people like the excitement of a race to the finish, but I've always favored a panel of judges that determine artistic and technical merit separately.  You don't want some artless dick-sucking machine to win, do you?

Note to scientists: please invent artless dick-sucking machine. 

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