Conan's Tiger Woods / Paula Deen Mash-Up Is Hilarious Nightmare Fuel

Pro Wrestling Editor

Tiger Woods Paula Deen

Yesterday, two days ago Conan O’Brien had Chris Bosh on and discussed a lot of important stuff, like playing in the NBA Championships against your idol and how to avoid being decapitated by a bridge during your victory parade. Last night he talked to Chris Kluwe about curse words and World Of Warcraft (curse worlds!), but the major moment of note was his horrifying, hilarious mash-up of racist food magnate Paula Deen and golfer/stripper texter Tiger Woods. WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARES, TIGERDEEN.

It’s also kinda weird that when you remove Paula Deen’s mouth from her face, it looks like a giraffe eating leaves.

Can we mash-up Ronda Rousey and Giada De Laurentiis, because I’m pretty sure that’s my ideal woman.

And hey, since I mentioned the Kluwe appearance (and don’t want you to have night terrors), here’s that. Kluwe deserves your continued support because he’s a cool guy, and because he is not that monster.

[via TeamCoco]

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