Fox News Blonde Congratulates UConn Huskies For Being The ‘2014 NAACP Champions’

A lot of people are giving Fox News personality Heather Childers hell this morning over a little gaffe that she committed when recapping the UConn’s huge, improbable win over the Kentucky Wildcats for the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship last night. Childers accidentally referred to the Huskies as the “2014 NAACP Champions,” which is ridiculous because the NAACP is a civil rights organization that didn’t even make it into the NCAA Tournament this year. I mean, how bad does your group have to suck at basketball to not be able to put together a championship team out of your half-million or so members?

I know, I know – “This isn’t a big deal, and I bet if an MSNBC host made the same mistake, you’d either make an excuse for her or just skip it entirely.” But I actually empathize with Childers, as we’re all just humans who are bound to make mistakes. That’s why all of us are on TV, reading the news for a living.