Congratulations Jonathan Quick, You’re Responsible For The Worst Goal In NHL History

10.08.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

worst NHL goal ever

A goal from last night’s New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings game at the Staples Center is getting a lot of play this morning as the worst goal in NHL history. I’ll be honest, when I first saw the clip I’d prepped myself for the title of WORST EVER to be hyperbole. Surely there have been worse goals, right? We live in an age of sensationalism where SEO is the most important thing and tags like “the greatest blank” or “the worst whatever” take precedent over NOPE THIS IS THE WORST GOAL OF ALL TIME, HOLY SHIT.

This is a facepalm in hockey form. If you’ve seen a worse goal than this, your brain is lying. Bear witness to Ryan McDonagh’s “long distance shorthanded goal” against Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick and tremble with secondhand embarrassment.

did you seriously just

good lord

There’s got to be an explanation. Maybe he’s like Bucky Boyd and ate a bunch of raw chicken by accident before the game. Maybe Christopher Lloyd’s ghost is a Rangers fan. Maybe … I don’t know, please explain yourself, Jonathan.


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