07.09.07 11 years ago 30 Comments

I can't let another day pass without offering an official congratulations to Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, who completed their unholy union by exchanging vows in a French castle on Saturday, the super-lucky 7-7-07 that will ensure they last forever and ever.

Of course, Parker and Longoria sold the rights for photos of their wedding to OK! or some magazine, so I've got nothing to work with today.  Instead, here's a promotional photo of Eva from 2002.  I think it's from when her character got engaged on The Young and the Restless, but I'm not about to go about fact-checking a soap opera. Don't get me wrong, I love watchin' my stories, but I'm not spending part of my afternoon researching Y&R.  Either way, her first fake TV marriage was probably about as successful her first real marriage to a TV actor, General Hospital's Tyler Christopher.  They were married for just less than two years, which is the going over/under set by some cynical readers of this fair site.

But no!  I believe in this love!  If wealthy famous actresses can't fall in love with and get married to wealthy professional athletes, who are they supposed to sleep with?  

No, I meant besides me. 

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