Connor Shaw Weighs In On Twitter After A ‘Cheap BS’ Hit Broke His Leg

If you haven’t seen the video of Bears quarterback Connor Shaw getting his leg snapped on Saturday afternoon…well, maybe don’t. It’s gruesome and might make you sick. Shaw himself was pretty upset about it, as well he should be. As the Bears’ third-stringer, it’s unlikely he would take any snaps this year, but now his season is officially over, which has to be tough on anyone.

Shaw expressed his disappointment in a tweet Sunday morning, but he deleted it, so we can’t paste it in here for you to read for yourself. So you’ll have to trust is when we tell you what it said, per The Big Lead.

Injuries are a part of the game & I understand that. This should’ve been avoided. No need for that type of cheap BS!

Here’s the thing – when Kansas City defensive lineman Rakeem Nunez-Roches hit Shaw, it was high, so Shaw can’t really claim that Nunez-Roches was intent on taking out his legs. The impact that caused Shaw’s leg to break only occurred after the two players went to the ground. The issue here, though, is that Nunez-Roches made contact with Shaw after he’d released his throw, which, while fairly common, is still illegal and likely what Shaw was getting at when he expressed his opinion on Twitter. And that being said, you probably need to see the hit to judge for yourself whether or not Shaw has a point. Just beware of the grossness.

Anyway, there’s no word on why Shaw deleted his tweet as of yet. It’s not inflammatory or anything. He clearly sent it out of frustration. Perhaps he understands that and decided that was reason enough to go back and click delete. Still, it’s tough to argue with a guy who just got his leg shattered that being bummed out over his season ending before it even really started isn’t a good look.

(via The Big Lead)