Conor McGregor Just Welcomed His Son Into The World

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05.06.17 2 Comments

In the hoppo not there yet 👶🏼

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Conor McGregor is officially a father.

Conor Jack McGregor was born to McGregor and his longtime partner Dee Devlin on Friday May 5th at 8PM, weighing 8lbs 14oz according to the Irish Mirror. The birth of the hugely successful UFC star’s son has been a pretty big story in mixed martial arts circles not just because he’ll obviously grow up to be The Chosen One that shall save us all, but because McGregor has been on a break from fighting through the pregnancy. He announced the hiatus along with the news that Dee was pregnant following his lightweight title victory at Madison Square Garden back in November.

Getting close ❤️

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The baby already has a verified Instagram account, which as of this writing has 20,000 followers. Who’s baby McGregor following? Just his ma and pa so far. While there’s no pictures just yet of Conor Jr. uploaded there yet, we’re sure the world will be inundated with them soon enough. Here’s the first:

We imagine McGregor will be taking a few weeks to enjoy being a father and changing dirty Versace diapers and getting poop on his million dollar watches, and then hopefully he can find the time to meet Dana White in New York to iron out business regarding this Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match that Conor McGregor Sr. was relentlessly hyping through the winter and spring months.

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