Conor McGregor’s Coach Denied The UFC Star Was ‘Knocked Out Cold’ And Given A Broken Nose In Sparring

10.10.16 1 year ago


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Update: The insider has now walked back his claims that Conor was KO’d:

Rumors are swirling from various MMA insiders stating that Conor McGregor was not only knocked unconscious in sparring recently, but he suffered a broken nose as well. Of course, this would mean that his UFC 205 fight, in which he’s going after Eddie Alvarez’s lightweight title to become the first UFC fighter in history to simultaneously hold two belts, is in jeopardy.

Here are the tweets. This account, admittedly, has been correct on multiple occasions before.

Thankfully, McGregor’s coach, John Kavanaugh, is denying these rumors:

For his part, Conor McGregor hasn’t tweeted or said anything to refute the rumors. Meanwhile, it looked like he had a black eye at the UFC 205 press conference, and he tweeted this at the beginning of the month:

McGregor is as brash as they come, but could he really be so silly as to fight bare knuckle? Why do this now when he’s a multi-millionaire looking at another huge payday at Madison Square Garden with the ultimate goal for his legacy on the line? Or perhaps, he’s a wild Irishman throwing caution to the wind. Iron sharpens iron after all, and we all know Conor is fully capable of going hard and coming out on the other side just fine.

And yes, his UFC opponent has heard the rumors as well:


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